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TASA® has been providing Electronic restoration and services since the 1990’s. TASA® handles all incidents ranging from Commerical, Industrial, Medical and Residential.

The Key to restoring electronic equipment is quick response. Many think that once electronics become wet or effected by heat from a fire, especially if they were powered on at the time, they cannot be restored. This is not necessarily the case. Simply drying and cleaning off electronics is not enough. With water exposure whether it is ground or tap, moisture leaves behind conductive residue called "salt chains". The same problem occurs from fire and smoke damage, where soot and smoke leave behind an acidic, corrosive residue that can be cleaned with a surfactant solution, and then rinsed thoroughly with de-ionized water. Once cleaned, electronics are then stored in a Drying Chamber at 95-115 degrees Farenheit at the lowest possible relative humidity (19-24%).

Nearly all electronics can be restored this way. When a tragedy strikes and fire, smoke, soot or even water threatens to damage or destroy your electronics call TASA®. In most cases we can restore your valuable computers, printers, televisions, stereos and all electronic equipment to its pre-loss condition saving valuable time and money.

We are so confident in our electronics restoration process we warranty all restored electronics for one full year!

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