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About TASA®

TASA® is a industry leader in network solutions, emergency electronics restoration and data recovery. We’ve been maintaining computer networks and performing data recovery for our customers with precision and efficiency for over a decade. We protect our clients network and data making certain each and every computer system runs perfectly. The TASA® advantage comes from a deep understanding of electronic hardware from over two decades of hands on practical experience and from formal education and professional certifications.

Being The Best Requires Focus

We strive to be the very best at what we do and being the best requires focus, expertise and deep resources. Our clients benefit from this expertise through significant cost savings, peace of mind and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

We Save You Thousands Over Replacement Cost

When your valuable electronic equipment is damaged by fire or flood best choice may be to restore over replace. TASA® can professionally diagnose, test, and restore electronic equipment to its full functionality saving you thousands in hardware replacement costs, as well as saving your data and who can put a price on that?

An Alternative For Insurance Adjusters

TASA® offers an attractive alternative for insurance adjusters and their insured client base. In most cases, cleaning is much more cost-effective than replacement.

One Year Warranty

TASA® staffs only certified computer electronics technicians. Other electronics restoration companies staff “contents cleaners” who clean the outside of electronics only, leaving critical components vulnerable to corrosion that will damage or destroy your valuable electronics. We are so confident in our team and our methods we warranty all restored equipment for one full year against corrosion.

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