Electronics Restoration

“Knowing what needs to be done before, during, and after a disaster strikes can prevent panic, reduce the extent of the damage, and help carry out an organized recovery effort.”

Fire & Smoke

Disaster strikes when you least expect it, so quick action after a fire, water or smoke event is essential. Your TASA® professional restoration team is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case of an emergency.

Swift preventative action is critical to recovering your electronic equipment and data. If contaminated items are not cleaned right away, corrosion will begin and in some cases this damage is irreversible even if there is no exterior evidence of damage. In a smoke environment, highly corrosive particulates such as chlorides or nitrates will stick to plastics, copper and aluminum. If these particulates are found on the exterior of an item, you can be sure they will be present on the interior as well.

When water damage has occurred or suspected, proactive steps can be implemented to halt the contamination, and should be cleaned of all contaminates before returning to service.

Restoration Vs. Replacement

When considering restoration vs. replacement, down-time and return on investment are the two most critical factors. For businesses or home offices, the loss of valuable electronic equipment even for a short time can be crucial to continued business operation. In addition, loss of a homeowner's electronics or appliances can cause great inconvenience.

TASA® Cleaning Process

The TASA® special cleaning process will have damaged equipment back in service in a matter of days. This saves businesses costly down time and helps our customers return quickly to their pre-disaster routines.

Insurance Savings

The electronic restoration process can save insurance carriers and the policy holder as much as 65% of the replacement cost when high-end computers and consumer electronics equipment are involved.

Disasters always strikes when you least expect it. The cost of restoring most electronic contents is approximately 10 to 35 percent of the cost of replacement.

TASA® offers a quality choice to insurance adjusters and their client base. We continue to provide competitive pricing and understand that relationships are strengthened by excellent service. Ask your insurance adjuster if they know about TASA® electronic restoration services.

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